The Alentejo Mastiff (also known as the Rafeiro do Alentejo or Portuguese Mastiff) is a guardian dog originating in Portugal.
220px-Rafeiro male.jpg

A male Alentejo


The Alentejo is a large guardian breed, averaging 47.5 kg. They are 73 cm at the withers. The fur is short to medium, and can be yellow, black, and fawn with white markings. The coat can be dappled, streaked, or brindled.

Health IssuesEdit

Little data exists about this rare breed, but when bred to be oversize, can be subject to hip dysplasia. The have deep chests, and may also be prone to bloat.


This breed is described as "sober" (calm, serious, solemn). They must be well socialized as puppies. They are not a breed for beginners. They mature slowly, and are very independent. They are not aggressive, and are said to get along well with children. They are very protective. They are extremely territorial.

An Alentejo Puppy