The Beauceron is a large breed with males usually weighing 70 - 110 pounds with heights between 26 - 28 inches. The females are not much smaller, weighing around the same as males, but are only 25 - 26 inches. They are dogs with natural floppy ears, like a Rottweiler, or labs, but to show or work, people often crop their ears. They are a double coated breed, meaning they have a harsh outer coat with soft, fluffy undercoat. The come in 2 colors, black and tan, like a Doberman, and blue merle.

They are a French herding breed, they are known as one of the breeds to create the popular Doberman. They have dew claws on their back feet. They were used to guard and herd sheep and cattle. They are often used as protection dogs, and make good guard dogs. They are better to be raised in a family, for it can undergo aggression issues with any form of neglect or lack of socialization and training. Their physical and mental development is slow compared to other breeds, they usually mature around 3 years of age so training should not be rushed.

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