The collie, gaining popularity from the famous 'Lassie' originated in Scotland. An AKC breed that used to be, and still is used for herding. They come in rough coat and smooth, roughs tend to be more popular.


The males of the rough variety are usually between 22 - 26 inches in height and weigh around 44 - 75 pounds. Females height is 21 - 26 inches and weigh 35 - 64 pounds. Smooths are a bit smaller because of the lack of the luscious fur, 20 - 22 inches for female, 22 - 24 for males.Weights vary from 20 pounds for female, to 66 pounds for males.

Both smooths and rough collies have the same coat colors, they include, sable and white, tri, and blue merle.

The smooths and roughs sometimes behave differently too. Smooths more outgoing and energetic, while roughs are gentler and easy-going. Both tend to be good with children of all ages and good with animals such as cats, other dogs, and livestock. They are dogs that tend to bark an fair amount, which in some cases can make them great guard dogs.

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