The Doberman Pinscher originates in Germany. Doberman's are intelligent, alert, and loyal, making good guard dogs. Personality varies a lot between individuals, but when well trained ad cared for, make great companions. With consistency, they can be trained easily and will learn quickly. (shown below, a AKC standard Dobie)

220px-European Dobermann

Males usually range from between 27 - 28 inches, and weighing in at around 88 - 99 pounds. The smaller Doberman females are 25 - 27 inches and can way from 71 - 77 pounds. The lifespan of this breed is normally 10 - 13 years on average.The breed is prone to a number of health concerns, they also suffer more in prostatic disease than any other breed.

The Doberman, a AKC Working breed, is medium sized, and strong in muscular build, the standard Doberman body should appear almost square and elegant. Lots of Kennel Clubs, including the AKC, has the standards of the Doberman set will cropped ears, and docked tails, which although illegal in some countries, can be a necessity for a working Doberman's health. They have a smooth, single coat, and come in 4 main colors, all with red or tan points, these colors are black, blue, red, and fawn.